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March 6, 2018
Johan Erlandsson

DB Schenker to roll out 15-20 Electric Cargo Bike Armadillo in Norway

DB Schenker Velove Electric cargo bike Norway

DB Schenker Norway yesterday premiered their Armadillo electric cargo bike semi-trailer deliveries in Bergen city center, which is planned to be followed by more Armadillos in all bigger Norwegian cities.

The event was well visited by DB Schenker service partners, Norwegian road authority, journalists and NGO:s, and it even had its on electric cargo bike cake!

DB Schenker Velove Electric cargo bike Norway

Tungt.no (Tungt=Heavy) made a great write-up of the event (in Norwegian):

Norwegian state television (NRK) shot some video of the Armadillo in action and interviewed representatives from DB Schenker and the road authorities:

NRK also made a write-up:

This is the first time a semi-trailer with two City Containers is used in real life operations, so we are eager to see how it works out!

The Armadillo electric cargo bike has actually already seen the streets of Bergen, as Jetpak rented one from Pling during the 2017 Cycling World Championships.

Jetpak Velove Electric cargo bike Norway

The Armadillo then allowed them to keep operations running while all motor traffic was prohibited for a week. The feedback that was given was nice reading:

“It was running 8-5 every day and worked like a charm! Our biggest customer was super happy and promoted this clever solution in social media.”

After the DB Schenker event, yours truly, CEO Johan Erlandsson, could enjoy a tasty local IPA in the rare Bergen sunshine (Bergen has 286 rain days per year).

Johan Erlandsson drinking beer

A peculiar thing about the choice of beautiful Bergen as the role model for cycle logistics is that the city has an almost complete lack of bike infrastructure and the cycling modal share is as low as 3 %! A bit surprising for us, but actually good news -our solution can work well even without proper cycling infrastructure.

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