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Riders for a sustainable city

We contribute to a greener and friendlier city

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World’s best side job for riders

We strive to offer the world’s best side job with a focus on safety, training, a co-operative atmosphere and fair pay.

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A work community experience

“Really cool to work for a company that thinks about the environment and involves bicycles as well. I think it's great fun to work at Velove! This is something I want to continue working on in the future.”
- Jessica Rosenqvist
Environmental Sciences professional and passionate cyclist, Rider

“In general, I am extremely satisfied with this job, work well with studies, many friends, chances to take responsibility and develop, and paid training. 10/10.”
- Martin Gutsch
MSc in Sustainable Urban Planning & Design, KTH, Rider

Sustainable delivery = fair payment

We believe in fair and appropriate payment to all

Riding is a fast-paced and fun job that requires a service-minded attitude. All riders are always paid well for their important work.

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Truly resource & energy efficient e-cargo bikes

“A mix of go-kart, bicycle and van”

Riders love to ride the bike

“I have to say that this is the extra job that I have dreamed of. I am out riding on the coolest of bikes, reducing CO2 emissions, making the city a friendlier place and it is loads of fun. Also very rewarding in these times to actually help a lot of people to stay at home!”
- Alex Gaio
Rider studying MSc in Sustainable Urban Planning & Design at KTH

Our success formula

How we help you get flexible, efficient & sustainable last mile deliveries

The 4 ingredients for cutting edge last mile logistics

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