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Flexible, efficient & sustainable last mile deliveries

We are one of the most sustainable and appreciated white-label last mile services in Europe

Our partners

Here are just a few partners that have chosen Velove to fulfil their last mile needs and sustainability goals.

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We help you transform your last mile delivery

Without changing your processes

We are a last mile carrier that easily plugs into your current last mile setup, making it smarter & more flexible. You don’t have to change any processes and you can easily scale up and down with us.

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Airmee and Velove Partners
Increase last mile delivery productivity

Increase last mile delivery productivity

We easily handle large volumes of parcels

In every city, our capacity starts at 50.000 parcels every month. Our unique formula with smart processes, digital services, neighbourhood hubs, the world’s best delivery bike, containerisation, and dedicated riders helps you to in a highly efficient way deliver large volumes in an industralised way.

Flexibility with Velove last mile bikes

The flexibility you want & need

Pay for usage

We completely understand that your business is complex and it changes. Only pay for what you use and quickly scale up as you grow your business, or down during a specific season.

Truly resource & energy efficient e-cargo bikes

Truly resource & energy efficient

10 Velove e-cargo bikes weigh as much as one e-van and use 87% less electricity.

Minimum CO2 emissions

Every e-van route we replace reduces CO2 emissions by 0,3 kg because of energy efficiency.

Every diesel van route we replace reduces CO2 emissions by 1,2 kg because of energy efficiency and the use of electricity instead of diesel.

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World’s best side job for riders

We strive to offer the world's best side job, focussing on a co-operative atmosphere, fair pay, training, safety and most important - feeling good and having fun.

Less vans - more liveable cities

Less vans = more liveable cities

Liveable cities and reduced CO2 emissions

Reduced motor traffic is freeing up space and making cities safer, quieter and easier for people of all ages to walk and cycle in. People can also socially interact with a rider on an e-cargo bike. All this creates a safer and more human city for pedestrians and cyclists alike.

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velove score

Our customer satisfaction score

Parcel receivers love the service

On a scale of 1 to 5, parcel receivers on average give our deliveries a rating of 4.9.

We drive your brand

Branded containers and smiling riders

The e-cargo bikes display your brand as they move efficiently in the city.

Our success formula

How we help you get flexible, efficient & sustainable last mile deliveries

The 5 ingredients for cutting edge last mile logistics

Digital services

Processes & Digital services

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Neighbourhood hubs

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Velove Bikes Containerisation


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