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Urban logistics

If your goods are needed to make the heart of the city beat, we make sure it gets there -fast! Café and restaurant fulfillment, food delivery, spare parts, tools, laundry, recycling, rentals, battery swaps etc. Always with e-cargobikes and never with vans -which means maximum sustainability performance and minimum cost.

Customers want fast climate-smart deliveries

Fast and low cost

Our secret sauce with bikes, riders, tech and hubs enables us to be faster and more cost efficient

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Extreme energy efficiency

Our Armadillo bikes are 15 times more energy efficient than small e-vans! They also use just a fraction of the resources. This means low environmental impact -and low cost!

Smarter urban last mile solution
Customers want fast climate-smart deliveries

Better for the city

Replacing vans with bikes means:

  • More space
  • Safer traffic
  • Easier to move around for cyclists and pedestrians
  • Lower noise levels
  • Less air pollution
  • More faces instead of vehicles!

Removing vans from the streets

Stockholm - Copenhagen - Göteborg - Malmö

We remove vans from city streets - cutting CO2 emissions and cost - and making the cities friendlier.

The Stockholm hubs are in Östermalm, Södermalm, Kungsholmen and Solna. Copenhagen is covered from Amager Ost and Norrebro, Gothenburg from Linnéstaden and Malmö from Kirsebergsstaden.

Do you want a smarter urban last mile solution?

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Smarter urban last mile solution

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