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Our tech makes cycle logistics golden

Award-winning bikes, well-trained riders and urban hubs are the basis for successful cycle logistics. But it is the tech that really makes the difference!

A delivery platform made for our bikes

Improving efficiency & user experience

Just like city logistics used to be done with vans, delivery software also used to be designed for vans. Now, with our own delivery platform, we can fully utilize the advantages of our bikes, hubs and riders, improving efficiency radically and providing a great customer experience.

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Customers want fast climate-smart deliveries


We optimize for bikes, not cars

Finding an optimal route is key for delivery efficiency, and now we have tech that can optimize for bike infrastructure, not car infrastructure. This makes a big difference! Also, we can optimize routes based on where our city hubs are and which resources we have in each city hub.

Resource management

We maximize all our superpowers fully

Utilization of resources is key for getting the delivery cost down. With our tech we can maximise utlilization of hubs and bikes, and also match riders to the right missions at the right hubs, based on rider preferences and performance.


The whole is greater than the sum of the parts

For some delivery tasks, consolidation is improving delivery efficency. Our tech automatically finds the best consolidation, together with routing and resource management.

Delivery tracking

It's easy to follow

Of course, both sender and receiver can always see where in the delivery process their goods are, with estimated time of arrival.


Communication that works

Integrating with our tech is easy, with the API:s we offer.

Data driven continuous improvements

We will never have the perfect process - because we are always improving it! We have been collecting lots of data since day one of our operations - especially feedback from our riders. This, together with hard delivery data, helps us to continuously improve our processes for safety, quality and efficiency.

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Our success formula

How we help you get flexible, efficient & sustainable last mile deliveries

The 4 ingredients for cutting edge last mile logistics

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