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Sustainable, game-changing urban last mile solutions and services

Sustainable home delivery

E-coms are increasingly seeing a rise in customer demands for convenient, efficient and green online home delivery solutions. Velove is determined to set the market benchmark for sustainable, game-changing urban last mile solutions and services.

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Less vans - more liveable cities

Our secret sauce

Five key success factors are at the heart of Velove’s solution for last mile delivery. These are the Rider community, the micro-hub, the e-cargo bike, the container solution, and Velove’s Digital Services. Taken together, these success factors make us different and help us deploy sustainable last mile solutions all over Europe. 

Velove expansion

Rapid expansion

Velove is now operating in three major Scandinavian cities. Our expansion will be rapid and help many more cities to accelerate the transition into a great future.

Stockholm Copenhagen Gothenburg


Together we work to set the market benchmark for urban last mile services.

Co-Founders Velove Bikes AB

Jonathan Schwamberg

Startup CEO with experience from both high growth ventures driven to exit, to turnaround cases. Educated at Stockholm School of Economics

Co-Founders Velove Bikes AB

Fredrik Svensson

A broad experience of leadership in tech and sales organisations with both CEO and Chairman positions.

Co-Founders Velove Bikes AB

Johan Setteryd

Former Agency Director/COO and founder of digital communication, software and e-commerce agencies. Vast experience of business development and entrepreneurship.

Co-Founders Velove Bikes AB

Hélène Gustavii

Broad experience of driving growth and profitability in entrepreneurial organisations. Former CFO and CEO positions in listed companies and VC companies.

Co-Founders Velove Bikes AB

Per Adolfsson

Worked with Almi Företagspartner, CEO and business development of several start-ups with vast experience in B2B sales.


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Do you want to improve our cities and promote sustainability while having fun at work? Visit our careers page to see how you can be a part of the Velove journey!

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Electric Cargo bike for last mile delivery - A last mile solution

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