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Our vision for the city of the future

A deep concern for the ongoing climate change is the main reason we developed our ultra energy efficient last mile solution, using almost no energy compared to vans. We also see the urbanisation and e-commerce mega-trends, and the challenges mayors have to create liveable, attractive cities in this context. We firmly believe that we offer a piece of the puzzle to solve all of the above. Our solutions are a vital part of the city of tomorrow.

Now let’s imagine we are already there! The year is 2030, and you have just arrived at Velove city after a comfortable and fast train ride, and is now walking in the bright, spacious and nicely designed central station.

When you step out of the station, you are not met by the usual high volume, high speed, high noise motor traffic and bad air quality. It is quiet, apart from the chatter of people. You see people, not traffic. People on foot, on bikes and in cafés.

As you walk and enter a little less crowded area, you can even hear the birds singing and children laughing and crying in the distant. The difference from all the experiences you have had from cities is mind-blowing. There is no noise! You see school kids and older people moving around freely in the town, cycling side by side, talking to each other.

The light exercise from the active mobility of walking and biking seem to keep people fit and happy.

Cyclist and pedestrians

There is motor traffic, but it is in the minority and is adapting speed to cyclists. As the motor vehicles drive slower than 30 km/h, and also heavy vehicles have been electrified, they cause minimal noise. The autonomous vehicles drive slowly, with great care for pedestrians and cyclists.

You decide you want to join the cyclists and pick up a nice shared bike with an electric assist from the street. It is so easy and enjoyable you end up riding around town for an hour, soaking up impressions from Velove city with its exciting mixed architecture, parks and people enjoying all sorts of outdoor activities. People want to be outside because it is such a pleasant environment. It is quiet. Motor traffic is moving around slowly. Everyone, also young and old, has the freedom to move around freely on a bike because it is so safe to do it.

Electric cargo bikes solves the Last Mile Delivery

You decide to sit down at a café for some refreshments and to do some work on your laptop. You leave the bike outside the café and end the rental period.

Having your coffee, you study what is going on in the street. Now you see all the deliveries that are taking place all the time. There are quite a lot of professional electric cargo bikes mixing in seamlessly with regular bikes.

Some are passing by; some are stopping to deliver food and all sorts of bags and parcels. People from all walks of life seem to be performing deliveries. Some have fully branded electric cargo boxes and uniforms, with global brands you recognise. You also see cargo bikes that stop a bit longer, where the riders seem to be performing services at their customers.

There are also some autonomous last mile delivery vehicles. You see people walking up to them to pick up deliveries. There are also big electric trucks doing more significant deliveries, but they are rare.

Most of the big deliveries have happened during the night, and the rest have been consolidated to minimise the number of big vehicles in the city, or carried the goods to city hubs for distribution in the daytime.

Express delivery

You realise your gadget (whatever gadget you use in 2030) is running out of juice, and you forgot to bring your charger. You order one with express delivery with “where I am” delivery option, and 30 minutes later the courier shows up at your table. The express delivery cost you € 10, but it was worth it as you could stay at the nice café and continue working instead of going to a store.

Airmee Electric Cargo bike for last mile delivery - A last mile solution

The courier of the future

You start talking to the courier and find out that she is a student, right now out delivering for a few hours. She does this a few times a week, matching her current class schedule, to earn some money and to burn some calories.

She is now out distributing the content at her own pace, the deadline for all the parcels to be delivered is four hours away.

Some deliveries go to parcel lockers, and some are handed over in person. The latter pays better. As she was not under time pressure, she decided to accept the express delivery to you. Her delivery software, presented to her in a head-up display in her glasses, told her she would only spend ten extra minutes for the pickup and delivery, earning her € 7 extra.

We will meet emission targets

With this brief glimpse into the future, we hope you understand how we see that we are contributing to meeting very tough emission targets and making cities liveable at the same time! We do this by enabling people to earn money using our solutions, allowing for high service e-commerce deliveries of small goods in high volumes and all types of services where some cargo capacity is needed.

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