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A high capacity cargo bike you will love to ride

"A mix of go-kart, bicycle and van" - Berliner Morgenpost

The Berliner Morgenpost called the cargo bike Armadillo “A mix of go-kart, bicycle and van.” We couldn’t agree more with that description. The Armadillo is a pure pleasure to ride.

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Bike path fit

Last mile delivery productivity

Take the bike path and reach any destination in the city in record time. With a width of only 86 cm and a limited height, you can easily drive on bike paths to quickly get to your destination, without causing problems for other cyclists.

Armadillo Electric Cargo bike for last mile delivery - A last mile solution

Up to 100 % higher productivity with lower TCO
The Armadillo electric Cargo Bike is up to 2X more productive to a significantly lower total cost of ownership compared to an electric van


Maximum Uptime

For our customers, uptime is critical in their last mile delivery solutions. Carefully designed maintenance checklists, local service partners, switch a wheel in a few minutes and 24-hour delivery of spare parts ensures maximum uptime.

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velove-armadillo-team-Electric Cargo bike for last mile delivery - A last mile solutions

Swedish Quality and 7 years of innovation

Our passionate team has spent 7 years to create an electric cargo bike that is fast, efficient, safe, and fun to drive. Together with our clients, we have found solutions to improve safety, speed, logistic efficiency, and uptime. We believe in quality and are proud of every Armadillo we produce.

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Developed by and for couriers
Your Most Comfortable Ride

The suspension and the high stability make sure you can travel full speed over paving stone, tram tracks, potholes, small curbs, and corners. There is no risk of tipping over. Comfortably and safely cruise the city and enjoy the ride.

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86 cm


305 cm
462 cm 


160 cm


67 kg

with one battery, without modules

Max total weight

350 kg. 500 kg with semi-trailer.

Cargo volume

1 m3. 2 m3 with semi­trailer


Individual double wishbone on all wheels, steel spring shocks

Turning circle

5,8 m


Hydraulic disc brakes front and rear

Parking brake

Mechanical disc brake


Aluminium, 6060 (50S) and 6082 (51S) grade

Standard colour

RAL 9010 Pure White


Schwalbe Marathon Plus, 20 inch


Ventilated, quickly adjustable seat


Glass fibre wheels with one bolt wheel release


Rohloff SpeedHub, 14 gear

Gear ratio range

526 %

Distance per crank revolution, lowest gear

1,07 m (4-5 km/h at normal cadence)

Distance per crank revolution, highest gear

5,63 m (25-30 km/h at normal cadence)

Power distribution to drive wheels

Double freewheel

Electric assist

Bafang Max

Electric assist rated power

250 watt, assisting when pedalling up to 25 km/h (pedelec definition)

Electric assist torque

+80 Nm

Electric assist speed limit

Assisting up to 25 km/h

Battery capacity

0,6 kWh (extra battery mount can be fitted)

Energy consumption on max assist

0,15­-0,2 kWh/10 km

A safer and more comfortable ride. The riders of the Armadillo love it.

Fast and Fun to drive

Travel safely and comfortably at 25 km/h on uneven surfaces, even with sensitive cargo or passengers.

The Armadillo electric cargo bike has high cornering stability thanks to its four wheels and relatively low centre of gravity, so that speed can be maintained in corners.

Maximum leg muscle output is possible thanks to the support of the backrest. The turning circle is surprisingly small, making it easy to make u­-turns even on narrow streets. It is easy, just put your feet down (yes, Flintstone style) in the ground to reverse. For really tight spaces, and for parking, you can easily lift the Armadillo by its bumper to move it around.

A Safe Ride

The rider has high control over the electric cargo bike in all situations. It stops efficiently even in challenging situations such as breaking hard on an uneven surface while cornering, thanks to the suspension and stability.

The rider sits at the same height as cars and has rear view mirrors, so traffic overview and visibility are comparable to cars.

Ergonomic and Comfortable

The rider sits in a comfortable, quick­ adjustable seat, in a position that does not give bottom, back, neck or hand pains or numbness, even if riding for long periods.

The seat in combination with the advanced suspension makes for one of the most comfortable cycling experiences on the market.

The seat is positioned high enough to make it easy to stand up. The front boom is positioned as low as possible to make it easy to step in and out. The electric cargo bike is placed above the wheels, putting the cargo at a convenient working height. The doors, placed on the side, gives easy access to all goods.

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DHL Electric Cargo bike for last mile delivery - A last mile solution

Containerisation makes city logistics smart

Large-scale parcel delivery is made possible with containerisation. The transfer of goods from motor vehicle to city hub and from city hub to last mile vehicle takes less than 1 minute each.


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