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We use the Number 1 electric cargo bike in the world

The best e-cargo bike for flexible, efficient and sustainable last mile logistics - blah blah blah - we simply beat vans with it.

Smart parcel delivery

Transform your last mile delivery without changing your processes

We are a last mile carrier that easily plugs into your current last mile setup, making it smarter & more flexible. You don’t have to change any processes and can easily scale up and down with us.

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Transform your last mile delivery without changing your processes
Truly resource & energy efficient e-cargo bikes

Bike path fit

How we reach destinations faster

We take your parcels quickly to the destination by riding on bike paths wherever available. The ingenious design of our e-cargo bike ensures maximum cargo capacity at minimum width – only 86 cm. This is less wide than even most family cargo trikes and means that we can go fast on bike lanes without causing problems for other cyclists.

We always find parking space

Our e-cargo bikes can park almost anywhere

Reloading & transfer – 1 minute

Optimal fleet efficiency

The transfer of containers from motor vehicles or neighbourhood hubs to our e-cargo bikes takes less than 1 minute and can be done by one person.

200 kg capacity

Our e-cargo bikes have the capacity to carry up to 2 m3 and 200 kg of cargo.

Swedish quality and 10+ years of innovation

It is no accident that our bike won “International Cargo Bike of the Year”. Our passionate team has spent eight years creating a genuinely smart vehicle that is fast, efficient, powerful, and fun to ride.

Truly resource & energy efficient e-cargo bikes

“A mix of go-kart, bicycle and van”

Riders love to ride the bike

Ergonomic and comfortable

The rider sits in a comfortable, quick­ly adjustable seat, and in a position that does not lead to pain or numbness in the bottom, back, neck or hand, even if riding for long periods. The seat, in combination with the bike’s advanced suspension, makes for one of the most comfortable cycling experiences.

Ergonomic and comfortable bike ride

Fast and fun to ride

High suspension ensures a safe and comfortable ride on uneven surfaces both for riders and cargo. Riding the bike feels like driving a go-kart and is a lot of fun.

A safe ride

The rider has a high level of control in all situations. The bike’s superior suspension and stability ensures that it stops efficiently even in challenging situations such as breaking hard while cornering. The rider sits at the same height as a car driver and has rearview mirrors so traffic overview and visibility are comparable to that of car drivers.

Less vans - more liveable cities

Our success formula

How we help you get flexible, efficient & sustainable last mile deliveries

The 5 ingredients for cutting edge last mile logistics

Digital services

Processes & Routing platform

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