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Hubs for smarter logistics

Being close to the consumer enables a fast and precise service

A smarter way to deliver parcels

An urban last mile delivery solution

With our hubs, we can replace not only vans in the city. We also make the transport from the sorting terminal to the city more efficient, by replacing many vans with a few trucks.

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Van based home delivery system
Truck + e-cargobike based home delivery system

Minimum CO2 emissions

When we replace a lot of delivery vans with a few high capacity trucks and many ultra efficient e-cargobikes, we achieve the lowest possible CO2 emissions from last mile delivery. Velove doesn't only beat vans when it comes to CO2 emissions. We also beat vans through fewer nasty particles.

Calculated from a life cycle perspective, including the manufacturing of vehicles, the electricity or fuel used and the emissions from our city hubs, we achieve CO2 emissions per delivery that is at least less than half compared to using electric delivery vans.

Increase last mile delivery productivity

Increase last mile delivery productivity

We easily handle large volumes of parcels

Our unique formula with bikes, hubs, tech and riders helps you to in a highly efficient way deliver large volumes in an industralised way.

Neighbourhood hubs are close to the consumer

Quick set up

The neighbourhood delivery hubs function out of unused parking garages and other spaces and can be set up quickly. With hubs in the middle of the city, we reach consumers faster.

The flexibility you want & need

Deliveries from early morning to late night, 24/7 if needed.

Neighbourhood hubs receive goods all day and efficiently deliver them at the time the recipient desires.

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Our success formula

How we help you get flexible, efficient & sustainable last mile deliveries

The 4 ingredients for cutting edge last mile logistics

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