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March 6, 2017
Johan Erlandsson

The Armadillo electric cargo bike in 40 German newspapers and on Dutch television

On March 1:st, two pilot projects were launched by DHL Express in Frankfurt, Germany and Utrecht, Holland. In each city, two Armadillos (called Cubicycles within DHL), four City Containers and a custom City Container trailer (called City Hub within DHL) were taken into operation. The press was invited and the interest has been huge!

After the press release, video footage has now also been added:

Longer version, without text:

Tech insider picked the story up, resulting in a staggering 7 million views.

More than 40 German newspapers covered the story, for example calling the Armadillo/Cubicycle a Superbike and a Mix of bike, go-kart and van. Also in social media the interest has been big. German cargobike blogger Cargobike.jetzt (Arne Behrensen) made a Facebook post that has at this point been shared 133 times. A common comment is “When do we get this in our city center?”.

Also in Holland, where the Armadillo/Cubicycle has been piloted for two years, the news impact has been big. In this piece (starting at 14:20) on national television channel RTL, it is explained why it is now time for the Armadillo/Cubicycle and other cargo cycles to be introduced in European cities (the ever increasing e-commerce and motor vehicle congestion).

Dutch cargo cycle blogger Fietsdiensten (Jos Sluijsmans) has been covering the Armadillo/Cubicycle since the pilot, and wrote a nice summary.

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