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November 14, 2022

We have begun beating vans in Malmö

Following Stockholm, Gothenburg and Copenhagen, we are now live in Malmö! 

Replacing vans with e-cargobikes makes Malmö a nicer place to be in as it is safer, frees up space, has lower noise levels and emits less particles. We are taking vans away and replacing them with faces!

Bringing in the goods to our Malmö city hub with a few well utilised trucks, for further delivery with our extremely resource and energy efficient e-cargobikes, also ensures the lowest possible CO2 emissions per delivery. This combo means lower total CO2 emissions than using any van type, including electric vans and vans fuelled by HVO100. 

We are using our own award-winning Armadillo e-cargobike, which is safe, fun and ergonomic to operate. It has been developed for great cargo capacity while still being out of the way for other cyclists, having a width of only 86 cm.

Our riders are provided a safe place to work with fair pay, insurance and career possibilities. We offer a mix of employment contracts to suit different flexibility needs. For example, we have many students finding this job to be a great way to get an extra income after school, at the same time getting much needed exercise and learning to find their way in the city!

We are working on adding more capacity, get in touch if you want to join us in beating vans in Malmö!

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