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February 4, 2018
Johan Erlandsson

Velove recruits Per Adolfsson as Chief Operating Officer

A fast scale up of production and sales, with outstanding products and customer support, is essential to reach the change we want to see in city logistics – we are now happy to announce that Per Adolfsson will join the Velove team to lead the fast scale up during the coming years.

Per Adolfsson is already an advisor to Velove Bikes. He was formerly CEO of the software company Sentient, providing vehicle control and autonomous driving software to global automotive and commercial vehicle brands. Per holds an MSc from Chalmers University of Technology in Gothenburg and has a broad background in sales, marketing, business and team development. Before joining Velove he has been an advisor on financing and sustainable business development with Almi; a company owned by the Swedish state offering advisory services, loans and venture capital for growth companies.

Per Adolfsson Chief Operating Officer Velove

”Yes, what a perfect match!, was my first thought when I was offered the Velove COO position”, says Per Adolfsson. ”We share the same values and I have some of the background and experience needed to scale up in a controlled yet fast pace. I am extremely encouraged by the Velove Mission Statement as well as the challenges ahead and I really look forward to joining the team in March.”

”I feel confident that Per will bring the focus needed during our growth; his experience and values align well with the Velove roadmap. In the coming years the organisation will grow rapidly in many areas of expertise to be able to keep a clear customer focus during our growth to become a leading supplier of last mile logistics.”, says Johan Erlandsson, co-founder and CEO.

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