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November 8, 2018
Daniel Nilsson

Velove recruits executive talent to drive ambitious 200% growth strategy

Velove recruits top talent for growth strategy

During its first three years, Velove, has seen over 200 % growth on an annual basis.

We already have many of the world’s largest international parcel delivery companies as customers. DHL Express, Deutsche Post, DB Schenker, Swiss Post, Hermes and Bring are currently using Velove transport solutions. While we see massive growth in this sector we are now targeting two new segments: Food delivery and field services.

says Johan Erlandsson, CEO.

Velove was founded in 2015 in Gothenburg, Sweden and offers high productivity in last mile delivery. Their sophisticated cargo bikes and containerised system helps logistic companies to increase productivity of last mile delivery by over 100%. At the same time, vehicle total cost of ownership is decreased.

To keep up with demand and continue the strong growth path, Velove has recruited Olow Swärd as VP of Sales & Marketing. Olow has more than 30 years of experience in sales & sales management and has been the Head of Sales at Ericsson Global Customer Unit Telenor for the past 7 years.

Velove Olow Swärd
Olow Swärd

Olow explains

Velove has a unique offering. For me, the opportunity to help the logistics industry to improve productivity in last leg deliveries and at the same time make cities great and improve our environment is fantastic! I am looking forward to helping companies implement a much better last mile delivery solution.

Velove has also secured engagement from Mats Forsberg, the former CEO of CityMail, a private postal organisation. Mats is a popular lecturer and top influencer for Retail 4.0, the Smart City and Sharing Economics Opportunities for Trade.

Velove Mats Forsberg
Mats Forsberg
I see a fantastic opportunity with Velove to change the city logistics to the better. By adding more IoT technology to the solution we can improve the last mile delivery even more,

says Mats.

Johan summarises, “Velove is growing, and we are proud that Olow and Mats have decided to join the Velove team to assist the expansion"

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