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March 12, 2018
Johan Erlandsson

Velove now present in Germany

Velove has taken its first step to be present in its main markets, starting with Germany. And we do it with a bang, by contracting cargo bike specialist Benjamin Georg. Benjamin is now Veloves German speaking contact person for Germany, Austria and Switzerland, and will soon be able to offer booked test rides on a demo Armadillo in Berlin. Apart from this, Benjamin will prepare the launch of what has the working name “Velove Center”, a showroom combined with a support and sales office.

Before becoming a Berlin-based cargobike and mobility consultant, Benjamin worked for different companies in the industry in consulting and managing positions, including Head of Production and Sales at Urban-e. Benjamin is a Development Geographer and Sustainability researcher by trade, holding a degree from Freie Universität Berlin. He wrote his diploma thesis on how the usage of bicycles in rural Namibia improves local mobility and thereby empowers marginalised groups.

“The cargobike industry needs rapid professionalisation in order to play a significant role in the fast and thriving 21st century logistics market. Velove is just on the right path – they understand that product reliability, containerization and seamless integration into existing logistics chains are key to making cargo bikes a real player for logistics companies. The Armadillo is capable of all that – and to ride it simply amazes me. It’s such a smooth and unparalleled vehicle, its technology is groundbreaking and years ahead”, says Benjamin Georg.

“We early identified Germany as an important market for us -here is a great potential to replace a lot of vans with more productive and city friendly solutions for last mile delivery. We now have very big customers here and therefore it was natural for us to choose Germany as the first country to be physically present in. This will make it easier for our customers to reach us and to communicate with us. Benji is a great asset here with his deep cargo bike knowledge, big network and easy going way to be.”, says Johan Erlandsson, Velove CEO.

Contact details:
+49 173 8260311

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