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January 2, 2020
Johan Erlandsson

Velove 2019 Highlights

When a new year starts, it is always interesting to reflect on the year that has just passed. Here are some of our achievements in 2019:

  • Won the first ever International Cargo Bike of the Year award, heavy class (try the Armadillo and you will understand why) and had a couple of great days at the International Cargo Bike Festival in Groningen with almost the entire team 
  • Armadillos were the foundation in successful City Hub solutions in Berlin, Oslo and Gothenburg
  • Containerised processes now also introduced with customers in Norway and Sweden
  • Leasing and rental solutions were made available
  • Armadillos are now found in 20 countries
  • In our continuous efforts to maximize uptime, we arranged two successful maintenance partner events, one in Gothenburg, one in Amsterdam
  • Closed a seed round led by ALMI Invest
  • Grew the team to 20 awesome people
  • Patrick Perret and his two kids reached Shanghai on their solar powered Armadillo, having started in Switzerland 10 months earlier

Ride along with us into the new decade, officially declared "Decade of the Cargo Bike" by Jos Sluijsmans and Tom Parr. Ultra energy efficient and people friendly transport solutions are needed, now more than ever!

An Armadillo uses only 6 % of the electricity of a small electric van, for the same transport work, and is more productive. Electricity mixes around the world are still at 300-1000 g CO2/kWh and need to move very quickly to zero is we shall have a chance to meet the 1,5 degree target. Let's use electricity wisely and thereby phase out the dirty electricity faster!

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