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January 17, 2017
Johan Erlandsson

Production and development update, January 2017

Pre-series delivered

Finally, all pre-series Armadillos to a mobility project in Gothenburg have been delivered! This fleet is a mix of ten Armadillos with City Container and driver cabin, and Armadillo Two-seaters.

Delivery of pre-series Armadillo Two-seater, by Armadillo with semi-trailer
Armadillo with pre-series rider cabin and City container

The pre-series Armadillos will get some post delivery upgrades, the most important being hard windscreen and wipers, which have just been developed with satisfactory result.

We have already got some first valuable feedback, and we expect to get tonnes more from continued testing by pre-series riders! All of this feeds into the development of a production ready fairing, first for the cargo versions, and later for passenger versions.

Fairing development not prioritised at the moment…

We will do continuous development of the fairings. However, we will not put full focus on fairing development right now, especially not the passenger version. We are prioritising getting production of the Armadillo platform and cargo modules started.

If you are especially interested in the Two-seater and is now disappointed this development will go a bit slower for a while, I recommend also following the development of similar (but smaller) faired fourwheelers PodRide (SE) and Podbike (NO), both with announced release dates in the end of 2017. The Quattrovelo (NL) four-wheel velomobile is already in production. Unfortunately, the makers of the three-wheeled Cabriovelo (IT) just announced that they will put their project on hold. A pity, as this model has some unique solutions, for example a cabriolet style fairing.

…as we are going all in on production!

The Armadillo in cargo versions, without fairing, is as you already know production ready. Orders are coming in, quickly filling our limited production volume for 2017. We have been ordering parts and components for the first batch for a while, but now it’s time to start assembling!

We are still adding the final details to the production version, for example, the bumper:

And, especially for you big rig lovers, we are happy to announce we have decided to put the semi-trailer into production, and the first production semi is already ordered!


Meet the team

As we are now finally entering production, I think it it is time for you to meet the team, from different corners of Europe!

The assembly team in Gothenburg, Sweden: Sebbe, Linus and Olof. The City Container is small but cosy
The Vrielink brothers, our development partners: André and Arjan at Flevobike in Dronten, Holland. Third brother Erwin missing in the photo, as well as their colleagues Robbert and Ronald.

Local development resource Håkan, at Erik Svetsare, Lödöse, Sweden

Stephane at Katanga in Brno, Czech Republic, our frame production partner
Linda, Dennis, and Johan, founders of Velove in Gothenburg, Sweden

If you want to meet us and/or testride, there are opportunities at the ECLF conference in Vienna in March, the cargo bike festival in Nijmegen in June and of course to book an appointment with us.

Keep riding!

Johan, CEO of Velove

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