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June 18, 2017
Johan Erlandsson

Meet the Velove electric cargo bike trailer

At the International Cargo Bike Festival 2017 in Nijmegen, we were happy to announce our second product, the Velove electric cargo bike trailer. This is a medium capacity, individual wheel suspension, low center of gravity bike trailer.

The reason we developed this was because Pling Transport found small trailers very useful for medium size deliveries, but couldn’t find one with suspension and low center of gravity. Suspension is needed for sensitive catering deliveries, and the combination of suspension and low center of gravity reduces the risk for the trailer to flip over, which is a risk every courier using a small trailer is aware of.

The trailer is still at prototype stage, but the function came out just as we hoped on the first try. So production shouldn’t be too far off.

The suspension can be set to different stiffnesses. On the softest setting, it should be possible to transport really sensitive stuff like cakes and pastries at good speed. We will soon run field trials with Pling Transport to verify this. On the hardest setting, up to 100 kg seem like a feasible maximum load. This will also be verified in field tests.

The total width is 80 cm. The cargo area is designed to carry two quarter pallets lengthwise. A suitable box size should be around 300-400 liters. This is more volume than found on most two wheel cargobike boxes, and in a more practical shape.

The trailer share several components with the Armadillo cargo cycle, such as wheels, mudguards, hubs, shocks and balljoints. As with the Armadillo, Flevobike Technology helped out with the design.

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