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April 23, 2016
Johan Erlandsson

Along the Rhine in a solar and muscle powered quadricycle. Day 5, Guntersblum-Germersheim

Arrived! This will just be a short report, will sum up the entire trip later.

So, the pattern repeats, another guy in his best years comes up to talk as soon as I make a short stop! Werner Schäfer started bike touring after his wife passed away. He usually goes to northern Norway once a year for bike touring, enjoying fantastic nature and few cars. This year he is going to northern Finland instead.

Once he rode to Gibraltar, and he shared a story with me: A monkey snatched his iPad with all his travel photos on. He ran after the monkey, and suddenly, the monkey was trapped in a corner, holding on tight to the iPad. What to do? After a while Werner decided to go for it and snatched the iPad right back. Monkey did not approve and scratched Werner on the arm. I would say Werner is very lucky to get his iPad back! I only wonder what plans the monkey had for the iPad?

The Armadillo electric cargo bike takes a 500 km trip from Holland to Germany.

Need to clean some travel dirt away for Spezi.

The Armadillo electric cargo bike takes a 500 km trip from Holland to Germany.

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