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April 20, 2016
Johan Erlandsson

Along the Rhine in a solar and muscle powered quadricycle. Day 3, Cologne-Boppard

Todays’ cover photo is the cable car in Koblenz. Koblenz seems to be a very nice town, and it was great to see a cable car in action, as this is planned for my hometown Gothenburg. In Koblenz it runs over the Rhine river, and in Gothenburg, it will run over the Göta river. I really do believe in this. There were cabins going all the time, without a sound. High capacity, straight lines, quiet, energy efficient…

The Armadillo electric cargo bike takes a 500 km trip from Holland to Germany.

This has been the best day so far. As expected, both the cycle paths and views improved a lot. After Koblenz, it became exceptionally beautiful! And the weather has been great too, here I am enjoying a beer in the sun.

I caught just a little of the beauty on video, and I included a message to you! 

Gert Clemens on his Moulton stopped for a chat, being very excited about the Armadillo. This former medical doctor said he couldn’t get his mind off bikes. Usually, he rides an electric assist long john cargo bike. He was upset about how the kids of today just want to ride in cars.

Some stats: I rode 108 km today. The solar panel almost charged a battery from empty to full, I could ride 32 km with it in a headwind. I think I made a mistake so a cable was not attached all day, will try again tomorrow to see if I can get it to 100 % charged.

Tomorrow there is a chance I might have company among the way!

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