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March 8, 2023

25 % female riders in Malmö -a milestone achievement!

The cargo bike and bike logistics sectors have been heavily male dominated from the beginning. Once established like this, it can be difficult to change. But at Velove, the share of female riders is now on the rise, having reached 25 % in Malmö, 20 % in Copenhagen and other cities following suite. Tobias Tofte at Velove in Copenhagen explains how this has been achieved:

"On training days, we try to group women together. Also, on the day of their first shifts, we also try to do this. And we have female shift managers. This has proven to increase the chances that they will continue working for us.", says Tobias.

With the rider job being attractive also for women we increase the pool of applicants and can find more people who like being active and outdoors all year around, are organised, helpful and likes to provide a good service. For many, this is the perfect extra job, complementing studies or a less active job. Helping out to reduce CO2 emissions from transport and making the city nicer is not making the job worse! Hear what Karlijn, rider in Copenhagen, says about the job:

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