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Technical Overview

We spent more than 8 years making the Velove Electric Cargo Bike perfect. A smooth, safe, efficient and environmentally friendly solution.

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Adjustable seating

Bicycle Bell

Electric assist

Mechanical park brake

Mudguards & Schwalbe marathon plus puncture proof tyres

Rear view mirrors

Rohloff speed hub

Suspension & hydraulic disc brakes on all 4 wheels

Standard Features

Each Armadillo is equipped with the following

Bicycle bell
Mechanical park brake
Rohloff speed hub
Mudguards & Schwalbe marathon plus puncture proof tyres
Rear view mirrors
Adjustable seating
Suspension & hydraulic disc brakes on all 4 wheels
Electric assist
Velove Electric Cargo Bike Drive Train

The Drive Train

The Armadillo electric cargo bike has rear wheel drive. The hybrid power comes from your leg muscles and an electric motor. The power is neatly transferred to both rear wheels through an industry leading gear hub to a double freewheel.

Every Armadillo is equipped with a Rohloff speed hub. It delivers 14 gears, which results in an excellent gear ratio range of 526%. This gear hub is especially designed for heavy duty cargo bikes.

The electric assist is provided by the Bafang Max motor which delivers 80 Nm of torque and 250 watt nominal.

Velove Electric Cargo Bike Brake lightsVelove Electric Cargo Bike HeadlampsVelove Electric Cargo Bike Headlights

Lights and indicators

Lights and indicators are available as an option. The lights are powered by the main battery.
Indicators are controlled by convenient switches on top of the left handle. The hazard light function is started by pressing both indicator buttons at the same time. 

Brake lights automatically signal the rear traffic when you brake. 

Wanna know more about the Premium deal?

See the full range of Premium
Velove mounted batteries


The Armadillo is standardly delivered with one battery, which gives you a 25 to 40 km range. You can order extra batteries to increase the range. Every battery is delivered with its own charger.

The extra batteries can also be mounted on the frame with an optional battery mount. The extra battery mounts are not connected to the electric system, so you only use one battery at a time. The Armadillo can hold up to 6 batteries.

Spare wheel

Flat tyres happen when Murphy strikes. Luckily the Armadillo is prepared for that! All four wheels are interchangeable and fastened with a single bolt. The optional spare wheel comes assembled and consists of a rim, inner tube and puncture proof Schwalbe Marathon plus tyre. Skilled drivers replace their flat tyres in less than 2 minutes. The spare wheel is stored under the container where it is easily accessible even with a container on top.

Electric Cargo Bike Cyclist Essentials

The only tools you need for changing the wheel are an Allen key and some Loctite. You can order them with your Armadillo in a handy bag strapped on the back of the seat.

DHL Electric Cargo bike for last mile delivery - A last mile solution
Velove Bikes Containerisation

Containerisation makes city logistics smart

Large-scale parcel delivery is made possible with containerisation. The transfer of goods from motor vehicle to city hub and from city hub to last mile vehicle takes less than 1 minute each.




86 cm


312 cm
462 cm 


162 cm


67 kg

with one battery, without modules

Max total weight

350 kg. 500 kg with semi-trailer.

Cargo volume

1 m3. 2 m3 with semi­trailer


Individual double wishbone on all wheels, steel spring shocks

Turning circle

5,8 m


Hydraulic disc brakes front and rear

Parking brake

Mechanical disc brake


Aluminium, 6060 (50S) and 6082 (51S) grade

Standard colour

RAL 9010 Pure White


Schwalbe Marathon Plus, 20 inch


Ventilated, quickly adjustable seat


Glass fibre wheels with one bolt wheel release


Rohloff SpeedHub, 14 gear

Gear ratio range

526 %

Distance per crank revolution, lowest gear

1,07 m (4-5 km/h at normal cadence)

Distance per crank revolution, highest gear

5,63 m (25-30 km/h at normal cadence)

Power distribution to drive wheels

Double freewheel

Electric assist

Bafang Max

Electric assist rated power

250 watt, assisting when pedalling up to 25 km/h (pedelec definition)

Electric assist torque

+80 Nm

Electric assist speed limit

Assisting up to 25 km/h

Battery capacity

0,6 kWh (extra battery mount can be fitted)

Energy consumption on max assist

0,15­-0,2 kWh/10 km

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