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The Armadillo

Includes electric assist and one 0,6 kWh battery


Custom RAL colour powder coating

Extra battery (0,6 kWh)

Extra battery mount

1 m3 City Container

Electric Cargo bike for last mile delivery Container- A last mile solution

€ 2 200 excl. VAT

City Container Cart

Velove container loading module

Facilitates ergonomic loading and easy transfer to bike for some applications

€ 300 excl. VAT

Semi-trailer including hitch

With same suspension as on bike. Doubling cargo capacity to 300 kg and 2 m3.

€ 1 750 excl. VAT

Ventisit mat for City Container

Protects goods from water damage if water should enter the container

€ 150 excl. VAT

Internal power supply for City Container

Needed for powering remote lock and internal lights

€ 200 excl. VAT

Module platform (needed for City Container)

€ 300 excl. VAT

Shelf system for City Container

€ 350 excl. VAT

Remote lock for City Container

€ 200 excl. VAT

Branding foil for City Container

€ 345 excl. VAT

Application of branding foil for City Container

€ 150 excl. VAT

Terms & Delivery

Your order is confirmed after we have received a 50 % pre-payment and we have secured a maintenance partner in your area. Bike is either picked up in Gothenburg by yourself or shipped almost fully assembled in a wooden crate.

We are currently investigating possibilities to ship to USA and Canada. There is unclear regulation on four wheel pedelecs, we are hoping this changes soon!

Subsidies and our financial solutions

Cycle logistics is cost effective in congested areas because it is more productive and has a lower TCO than van based deliveries. But of course you should be able to get your Armadillo fleet on a lease contract, just like your vans. And there are subsidy programs available!
Contact us at sales@velove.se or sales.germany@velove.se to learn more!

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