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Delivery neighbourhood hubs for smarter logistics

Being close to the consumer enables a fast and precise service

A smarter way to deliver parcels

A containerised, urban last mile delivery solution

Parcels are loaded onto Velove’s smart containers at the sorting terminal from where they are transported to neighbourhood hubs all over the city for quick delivery.

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last mile delivery solutions with Velove
Containerisation of Electric Cargo bike for last mile delivery - A last mile solution

Inspiration from shipping containers

Increased efficiency and decreased damage

Velove’s smart containers are inspired by shipping containers that revolutionised international trade. When shipping containers were introduced, they led to increased efficiency, decreased damage during transportation, and a significant reduction in theft. They also allowed ships and trucks to be loaded and unloaded in a fraction of the time taken earlier.

Neighbourhood hubs are close to the consumer

Quick set up at unused parking spaces

The neighbourhood delivery hubs function out of unused parking garages and spaces and can be set up quickly. With hubs in the middle of the city, we reach consumers faster.

Reloading & transfer – 1 minute

Optimal fleet efficiency

The transfer of a container from a motor vehicle or neighbourhood hub to our e-cargo bikes takes less than 1 minute and can be done by one person.

Velove last mile carrier delivery service flexibility - pay for usage

The flexibility you want & need

Deliveries from early morning to late night, 24/7 if needed.

Neighbourhood hubs receive containers and parcels all day and efficiently deliver them at the time the consumer desires.

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Our success formula

How we help you get flexible, efficient & sustainable last mile deliveries

The 5 ingredients for cutting edge last mile logistics

Digital services

Processes & Digital services

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Neighbourhood hubs

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