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August 31, 2017
Johan Erlandsson

The City Container can now be used with the Radkutsche Musketier cargo trike

Small vehicles are superior for small goods delivery in dense city centres, with double the productivity for half the cost compared to vans. There is also an almost limitless amount of environmental, city liveability and social advantages. But reloading the goods from a big vehicle to a small has been too difficult, risky and costly, so the van is still dominating last mile delivery of small goods in most city centres.

Enter the City Container. Borrowing from the same idea behind the shipping container, the City Container makes shifting the goods from one vehicle to another efficient and safe. And voila, small vehicles can be used for last mile delivery without sacrificing profitability or the integrity of the goods.

We are now steaming ahead with making containerisation of city logistics an even more attractive alternative. Together with german cargobike manufacturer Radkutsche and cycle logistics operator MOVEBYBiKE Stockholm, and with funding from Vinnova (Swedish state innovation agency), we have made it possible to easily attach the City Container to the Radkutsche Musketier. So for anyone wanting to deploy a city logistics solution based on the City Container, he or she is no longer dependent of using our own Armadillo four wheel cargo cycle, but can freely choose to use the Musketier instead, or a mixed fleet.

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