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Containerisation makes city logistics smart

Containerisation is key to replacing vans with specialised last mile delivery vehicles. It makes the transfer of goods from a highway going motor vehicle to a light last mile vehicle efficient and secure.

eCommerce forecasted to increase annually 17-28%

For 1000 kg EU pallets or roller cages with milk cartons, you need vans and trucks. For smaller deliveries, we need a smarter solution than oversized vehicles.

Yesterday's urban delivery system

Vans pick up parcels at the sorting terminal outside the city centre, driving to the city centre and spending the rest of the day delivering the parcels. Vans are a compromise – not optimised for any of their two tasks.

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Inspiration from sea containers

When sea containers were first introduced, they created efficiency gains, damages decreased, and theft dropped significantly. Ships and trucks could now be loaded and unloaded at a fraction of the time.

Containerised Urban Delivery Solution

Parcels are placed in containers at the sorting terminal, picked up by a big vehicle transporting containers to handover points. Last mile delivery vehicles pick the containers up to do the last mile delivery. Smarter, faster, safer and more efficient than today’s solutions.

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Weatherproof last mile container

The system is designed to make it easy to set up temporary terminals at any location. The last mile cargo bike container is weatherproof and allows an easy transfer of goods, with or without a city hub.

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1-minute transfer from big vehicle to cargo bike

The transfer of goods from a motor vehicle or city hub to last mile vehicle takes less than 1 minute. One person can easily do the transfer.

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Theft proof and decreased damages

Since the goods are transferred safely into the last mile container at big terminals the risk of damage and theft is reduced.

Container tracking

Technology like tracking and sensors can easily be added to your containers. Just add it to your fleet management solution and increase control.

Automation enabled

As the containers are standardised, this enables to automate loading of the container on and off tracks and to be handled autonomously in city hubs.

Different containers to fit your needs

We have different City Container options to get a perfect fit for your needs. You can choose from EU pallet dimensions inside or outside, and to have the container with our without shelves. You can also get the City Container with remote control lock.

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